An electric blanket undoubtedly

An electric blanket undoubtedly does a good job but unfortunately it can’t cover you from all the sides and that’s where a heated mattress pad comes in. Apart from that these heated mattress pads are very helpful to soothe your aching muscles. Using this pad can give you very good relaxation to your muscles and make your feel fresh and energetic after a good sleep. This can be a great aid for people who are bad sleepers, because with this pad their sleepless nights will be put to an end.

Like an electric blanket, even the heated mattress pad will work with power supply. Usually the pad’s lower surface has the wiring that is connected to the power supply that makes the pad to heat up to the desired temperature. You can control the heating level with the controller attached to pad and you can adjust the temperature of the mattress pad according to the level of comfort as well as the coldness of the night.

Many people have the wrong notion that such heated mattress pads might have a risk of giving electric shocks. These heated pads can’t give you a shock because the wiring is totally insulated and it runs underneath the pad. Therefore, the possibility of getting a shock is very remote. It is true that electric blankets can do this job but the heat will not sink into body downwards. This is because heat cannot go downwards but can only move in upward direction. This is the reason why a heating mattress pad can not only give you heat from below but also push the heat into the body above it.

Heated mattress pads are available in various sizes and shapes according to your needs and the budget. The higher end models will have advanced features like auto regulation, auto shut off, timer, remote control etc. There is no need to be worried that the pad might not match your bed color, as these are available in tons of colors. 


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